“Thank You” Letters – March 11th, 2011

We hope we’ve inspired you in some way with these letters from our Songs of Love recipient families. These letters are, after all, meant to inspire all of us with the amazing tales of a child’s courage and strength in a time of such adversity. To make moments like this possible for thousands more children for years to come, please consider making a donation, such as a car donation, to help us fund this dream. Just as these children inspire us, we want to use these songs to inspire these children. And now, we bring you today’s bit of inspiration!

We just received our Songs of Love CD for my daughter, Rebecca Daniel. We
have played it over and over again. What a fun, uplifting and positive
song!! This will definitely be something that Rebecca will have for those
days that she doesn’t feel like all the other “normal” kids. She asked me
this morning to make sure all her other Spina Bifida pen pals know about
“Songs of Love” and to make sure that their parents go to the website to
fill out an application. I have forwarded your website to all the people
that I know that have children that would benefit from a Songs of Love CD.

Thanks, again!

Holly Daniel

A car donation, cash donation…anything at all to keep inspiring these young brave kids!