“Thank You” Letters – March 10th, 2011

A car donation can make a world of difference – just ask one of the thousands of children and families we’ve helped over the past 15 years! Something as simple as a car donation has great benefit and utility for non-profits who have such programs. The revenue brought to organizations like us through programs like this is the lifeblood, necessary for our survival. Donating a car has such a great benefit for our children, as each song costs $250 to complete, from hiring songwriters to producing, packaging and shipping the finished CD. The value of each song, however, is priceless, as you can see from these letters from the families of the children we help. Here’s today’s letter!

Hellooooo! OH, MY….. God bless Timmer and Kristin for the songs they wrote to for my son and daughter.
Raquelle can communicate and function (her special needs and disability is not obvious) when we put her song in her eyes lit up!  She kept saying “oh, your killing me mom” as she was laughing.  I wished I had been prepared with the digital camera!  We will certainly play again and send in some pictures.  She loves the song and how you included so creatively and fun the most favorite things she likes and people close to her.  Bubbled giggles and laughter came with each new name and verse.  Then the tight hugs and declarations of “mommy I love you”.  Something she does only during time when she is so happy about something…like a new pet…a special song!  You’ve made her feel so special today.
As for Dallas he can communicate only through physical gestures or facial expressions.  He was sleeping soundly when we put in his song and when he heard his name his eyes popped right open, he stretched, and little creases came between his brows (like he was trying to figure it out).  Well, when Timmer said he was driving a monster truck with Mommy and Rick by his side the sly smiles came out.  We helped him clap his hands to the beat (Mommy & Rick) and he was bright eyed and turning his head to the speakers.
The timing is perfect.  This song of love for Dallas will comfort and keep him feeling special while his family is going on vacation for a week.  Due to his complex medical needs and round the clock nursing care we have yet to be able to take him on vacation with us for extended periods of time.  So BRAVO and hear the applause coming from our sunny home in Fort Myers Florida to your hearts.
Raquelle will be taking her CD with her to keep her company during the 4 hour drive.  As her mommy, she thought it was me that was singing to her.  It took some convincing and sharing the letter to get her to believe I wasn’t singing on the tape.  Too funny! That is so heartwarming!  How cool is that?!  Thanks, Kristin.
It isn’t an easy road we live with 24 hour nursing in our home seasoned with weekly IV treatments for my son and then going to hospital trips (6 hour visits) at a time for my daugther to access her port (which is is so afraid of).  I am hoping that this amazing song of love will help with “distracting” her through the small time to access and get the IV going and for that….I send my deepest gratitude as her mommy.
Nothing is better than seeing the smiles and joy on my kids’ faces.  You put that in our home today, Timmer and Kristin.

Your car donation makes moments like these possible. Please consider donating today!