The Songwriter Facebook Campaign!

Hey Songs of Love Songwriters!

Because of all the great “songs of love” you have been creating for the kids, we recently surpassed 31,000 songs for as many children. This year we hope to reach another 3,000 children which is up from 2,100 last year! As you all know, we reinstated the Songwriter Stipend last year and have been able to keep it going. Of course the more songs we do, the more funding we will need. This is where you might be to help. Now you’ve all been giving us one kind of C notes so perhaps you can be of help with the other kind! Whoever is on Facebook can help Songs of Love raise funds through their fundraising platform without you having to donate money yourself. On the left side there is a “fundraiser” button. Just click on that and then choose “raise money” and then choose “Songs of Love”. You can even go to a direct link we set up at Just make sure you’re logged onto your Facebook account.
It’s that simple!

Just set a goal of what you would like to raise and for how long and then share with all your friends! You might consider doing this a couple of times a year. We call this our Songwriter of Love Facebook Outreach Campaign and its success would not only be great for helping more kids but would also allow us to assign more songs to all of you.

Some of you may also know of a business, individual, company or foundation with the means to be able to provide support. You can provide us the contact and we can get take it from there! I know that with all of us coming together on this initiative we can hope to receive the additional funding we need to expand.
If you have any other ideas please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.