“Thank You” Letters – January 31st, 2011

As we close out the first month of the year, we are reminded once again just how quickly time goes by. We are starting the new year a bit slower than anticipated, so we really need your help to keep going and to keep bringing beautiful music to children suffering from life-threatening illness. A car donation, a cash donation, a donation by credit card through our secure website – whatever you can do and whatever you can afford will all go toward keeping the hope alive! We may work in a small office, but our organization is huge, because it includes people like you and all of the children we serve every day! Just read the thank you letter below and others on this blog and you’ll see evidence of the joy and relief these songs bring to the young victims of illnesses such as cancer, cerebral palsy, autism, etc. We hope you are as touched by these letters as we are. To think, something as simple as a car donation can make a world of difference! To our supporters, we say, “Thank you!”

Dear Songs of Love~
We received Skylar’s CD on her birthday. What a wonderful birthday present! We were able to share her song with our friends and family who were there to celebrate Skylar’s birthday. As we played her song, everyone was smiling and crying tears of joy, and amazed at how Skylar’s song captured her spirit.
We wanted to thank you so much for doing this for our family. We listen to the song all the time and Skylar just lights up and dances. You have brought a happiness into our lives at a time when we need all the happiness we can get.
I’ve attached pictures of our precious Skylar. You can see how happy her CD makes her feel.
A special thanks to Danny Obadia, who wrote the words, music and sang the vocals of this awesome song. We really enjoy the reggae rhythm and beats! It makes it fun for everyone to dance to. You are definitely blessed by a talent and we thank you for sharing your gift with our family.  
We appreciate every ounce of your support!
Julie, Dann, Skylar and Owen Hansen