“Thank You” Letters – February 1st, 2011

Some of you are dealing with yet another snowstorm today. To help you pass the time, we are bringing you a new thank you letter! Nothing helps warm the heart and soul in this cold, wintry weather better than knowing your support is bringing smiles to the thousands of children we have helped and whom we will reach in upcoming years. With that in mind, we need your support to continue to write these songs for many more years. This year, we’ll celebrate our 15th anniversary, and we would never have reached this milestone without help from our car donation program, individual giving and grants. We’ve also never had to deal with an economic climate as harsh as the one we are currently in. We will make it through this situation and these programs will help us through. Take a look at today’s thank you letter and let us know what you think. If you can offer any feedback or suggestions, we’re all ears! Help us continue to make moments like this possible. We are bringing not just songs, but the Medicine of Music to these kids everyday!

I want to cry.  We received our song this past Saturday and listened to it on the way to church.  Laura looked very tickled sitting in the backseat as she listened to it.  Her sister was proud to hear here name mentioned in it too.
Of course we played it several times on the way.
We were scheduled for treatment yesterday so of course I popped it in and we listened to it several times again.
The voice is beautiful; the lyrics are beautiful, it’s just wonderful.  I can only begin to imagine the amount of work that must go into these songs.  We will be listening to it frequently and I know there will be times down the road
That it will be the pick me up she’ll need. 
She’s starting kindergarten in the fall.  I anticipate some hard times and it’s nice to know I have artillery to combat those hard feelings she may come upon and make her feel especially loved.    
Thank you so much.
Carmen Watkins