“Thank You” Letters – January 21st, 2011

We’d like to end the week with something special from the thank you letter vault! 2011 marks 15 years for Songs of Love – 15 years of bringing the Medicine of Music to so many children with the help of your car donations, cash donations and word of mouth. In just a few weeks, we’ll also be reaching and celebrating our 22,000th song! Help us keep bringing joy and comfort into the lives of the many children out there who are dealing with chronic or terminal illness. If you can’t make a donation today, but know someone else who might be able to (a car donation, cash donation, anything), please spread the word and let them know about our mission. As we’ve said countless times, we can’t do it without you. People like you can make such a difference in these children’s lives.

You recently fulfilled a request for a song for my son, Hunter Johnson.  He has received such a list of discouraging news lately (having to leave school which he loves, going for a bone marrow transplant soon, having surgery, etc).  When we received his song and put it on for him to listen to, he smiled for this first time in a long time.  He just couldn’t help but smile.  He had me re-play it 4-5 times in that first sitting.  He has learned to love music and to hear his life in song was truely a gift.  I am attaching the photo I took of his uncontainable smile the first time he heard his song.  I think it says it all…pure joy.  Thank you again to everyone involved in producing this smile on his face.  We will take it to the hospital for his transplant and use it to cheer him up during the tough times.
Heather Johnson, mom to Hunter (9)
Colorado Springs, CO