“Thank You” Letters – January 20th, 2011

Ready for another snowstorm? Here at the Songs of Love offices, we’re preparing for yet another snow extravaganza! In the meantime, we have more letters for more children who have received their very own song from us. What we would like more than anything else in the new year is to receive more thank you letters, and there’s really only way to do that – that is, we need to get more songs out to more sick children! You can help us in our mission in a few ways – you can participate in our car donation program and spread the word about our program to anyone you know who is looking to donate a car. You can also donate by cash or credit at our secure website. You can also start your own FirstGiving fundraising website by using the link on our page! As we’ve said before in this space, a car donation can go such a long way in getting songs to even more children out there who are dealing with chronic or life-threatening illnesses. Please take some time today to help us help them.

And on to today’s letter of the day!

Hi John
Sophie will be sending a big thank you card and note for her wonderful song that you sent her a few weeks ago hopefully very soon.  Please see attached photo.  At the time she received this we were in and out of hospital and this really picked up her spirits she was over the moon with it and it was great to see such a huge smile on her face.  She has entertained many a friends and family with her song and shows.  She is a remarkable little girl never complaining whatever life throws at her and enjoys life to the full and being her mum (I know I am biased) she deserves this song it is so special to her and she loves it!!!!!  She even took it into school to do her show and tell with!!!!
This is something that Sophie will always treasure.
Debbie Ryan