“Thank You” Letters – December 8th, 2010

Before we head to our letter of the day, we just want to give you a few tips on how to donate your car to charity if you are considering making this generous donation. You might be donating your car, vehicle or boat to charity to keep from the annoyance of selling your car, while also getting a bonus by being able to get a tax deduction as well. You can avoid some common pitfalls by avoiding middlemen, i.e. for-profit organizations advertise helping you with your car donation, as they tend to keep 50-90% of the car’s value. In the end, the charity that gets the donation doesn’t get very much of that donation. You should contact your favorite charities (such as Songs of Love’s car donation program) directly.

Also, finding a charity that represent a cause you support is important. A great source for researching charities is online, with sites such as Charity Navigator.

We’ll be giving more advice on making the most of your car donation in future posts, so stay tuned! It all goes towards our charitable goal of bring customized, personalized songs for healing to sick children, like the child mentioned below.

John and Songs of Love Team
Thanks again for the great personalized CD, written by Thomas Jones, for our daughter Amelia Jane Mazour.  She loves to dance every night to the song and it makes us all smile.  Thanks for all you do in helping these kids still be kids, even though they are  faced with life’s toughest challenges.  We finally got a decent photo of Amelia hugging her CD and thought we would share.
Thanks again for your generosity.
Mark and Lottie Mazour