“Thank You” Letters – December 3rd, 2010

As the weekend approaches, we are reminded of how many young lives we affect in the work we do with the letter we bring to you today. The holiday season, and thus the end of the year, is upon us. As we work to bring Songs of Love into a new year, we are still facing financial difficulties. Please consider donating your car, your time or making a monetary donation if you can to help make music for another year and for years to come. The letters from the kids and families who have received songs are a testament to the impact of music on their young lives. A $250 goes to fund one song, while a car donation helps fund several songs for several children! Make a difference today!

Dear Thomas,
My son Justin has attended Sibshops in Seattle for six years now and he has come home with many terrific craft items and stories of his time with other kids whose sib has special needs. Nothing quite compares to the DVD he came home with this month! I knew they had worked on some writing about their sibs and that a DVD was going to be made but I thought it was a collective about the kids. On the way home when we listened to your song, echoing Justin’s words and feelings about his sis, Carrie, I got all teary. Grateful that Justin has a safe, caring place to share his feelings, proud that he has such love and pride in her – despite – no because of – her many challenges, and curious about the wonderful people behind the songs!
Bless you for bringing to life a brother’s love for his sister. He knows her well! Purple and string and water and Barney and mac and cheese and Missy Me and that everyone loves her. I’m going to attempt to send you a pic so you see the girl that inspired him.
Again, thank you so very much.
Lynn Vigo