“Thank You” Letters – December 29th, 2010

Did you know that by donating your car to Songs of Love, not only are you helping us to underwrite the cost of bringing more personalized, original songs to sick and disabled children, but you are reaping benefits as well! First, donating your car is much easier than trying to sell or trade in your car. Additionally, you could be eligible for a 2010 Fair Market Value tax deduction on your car donation. Basically, come tax time, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a tax deduction. Of course, the best benefit is clear in our thank you letters from children and families who have received songs from Songs of Love. One such letter comes to us today from the family of Olivia Jimenez. As we step into the new year, it’s great to be reminded of the purpose of the work we do. Enjoy!

My daughter Olivia received her song. It was just beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes from the emotions. Her school will be holding a benefit fundraiser and this song will defintiley be shared with everyone that day.  We are originally from Flushing Queens, NY. We moved here 5 yrs ago and I see you guys are in Forest Hills. That area is great happening spot with neat stores and great food! 
Thank you so much, these song creations are a wonderful way to bring encouragement to these kids.  It really brightened up Olivia’s day and ours! The tune is catchy and on point.