“Thank You” Letters – December 28th, 2010

Greetings, Songs of Love family! We hope everyone is having a wonderful time with friends and family as we say goodbye to 2010. Remember, you can donate your car or make a cash donation at any time to help us bring more music to more sick children around the world. You can read more about the work we’re doing and how it’s impacting the kids by looking at the thank you letter below and many other thank you letters on this blog. It’s a simple as a phone call or a visit to our website – you too can make a car donation or even donate your time to helping the cause. And now, today’s thank you letter!

You are absolutely amazing! Every parent looks forward to seeing their kids craw, or say their first words. We were those parents too, but soon after Caleb was born we found out our enjoyment was going to be a little different. We got excited when we were discharged from Children’s Hospital after two months. We get excited when Caleb is seizure free for a day, week, or month and when he holds his head up on his own we jump with joy. That’s when we get the biggest smile! Caleb has taught us a lot about being parents and how to be his. We are so thankful we have him!
The song you wrote for Caleb captures all of the positive aspects of his life. It’s wonderful because we have a lot of negatives. We have listened to the song a lot, okay like fifteen times. We love it and Caleb is starting to make the connections. He looks for Brewster and Duke and smiles when he hears Aunt Kay, Kay’s name. You did a great job, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear the song. Thank you so much for this great gift we will cherish forever!
The Isenbarg Family