“Thank You” Letters – January 12th, 2011

If you’re in the United States, then there’s a huge probability this week that your town is covered with snow! Are you tired of the hassle of digging your car out of piles of snow several times each year? Or do you perhaps have an older car and it’s time to get something with more power to handle the yearly snow headache? Consider donating your car to Songs of Love! By doing so, you’ll reap the tax rewards through a deduction when tax time comes around. By using our car donation program, you’ll have a hand in helping us keep writing songs and bringing music to chronically and terminally ill children throughout the United States and throughout the world. Whether you live in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Detroit or anywhere else, you can donate! Take a look at what your donation makes possible with the thank you letter of the day!

Dear William Sherry and the Songs of Love Foundation,
My name is Dianna Minikus, the mother of six year old Jared.  Jared has AML Leukemia and has received a song of love from you.  I want to make sure that you realize what a wonderful job you did on it.  For only going by an information sheet you were able to target Jared’s personality perfect.  Jared LOVES his song.  He has been so proud to share it with everyone that will listen.  His teachers, doctors, nurses, and his family.  The first time that his two grandpas heard it, it brought tears to both their eyes.  They were very proud that you included them in his song. Jared’s favorite part is about his dog Charlie.  I can not express enough how wonderful it is.

Jared is currently in the hospital again with fever and illness.  He just finished his final round of treatment last week.  We are praying for remission at this time.  He doesn’t feel the best so he just finished listening to his song again.  It brings a smile to his face  even now.  I would like to get a picture of Jared to you in the future. ( I am not very good on the computer yet )  I would be willing to send one if I could get the correct address.  We would also like to do some type of fundraising for your foundation in the future as well.  So, please don’t think that we have forgotten what you have done for us and our son.  It is amazing!  Thank you so much for the time, effort, and sincerity that you put into it.  God bless you.
Dianna :0)