“Thank You” Letters – February 16th, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day from the folks at Songs of Love! February is almost over, which means winter is almost over. As we start to thaw out, we are reminded of the quick pace at which the year marches on. As we “march on” to March, we need your continued financial support to keep going and to keep operations open at this critical time. We need your donations, car donation and cash donations as well. This is the only way we can make it to another year of bringing hope, joy and comfort to thousands of sick children and their families. Please hear our plea. With that plea, please take a moment to read a thank you letter from another family who was touched by the work we do here at Songs of Love.

Thank you so much for all you do. We received a cd for my son Shane, who is 3 years old (and now bald) and has Leukemia. He has not had to face many of the complications of sickness as we have seen other kids go through and we are very thankful for that. The first time he heard his song, we were in the car and I put the cd in the player. The song came on and when he heard his name, his eyes got big, his jaw dropped, and he smiled as he covered his hand with his mouth in astonishment. He couldn’t beleive they were singing about him…and his toys, and his nurses and doctors, and his favorite foods and games. He still loves to listen and we’ve had the cd since summer. Thank you for all you do for these kids. The level of joy you put in a sick child’s life is probably more than you imagine.
Thank you,
Kindra McFarland

A car donation, a cash anything – anything you can afford can make all the difference in the world!