“Thank You” Letters – December 16th, 2010

Today, we take a look at another letter from a child who benefited from a car donation, cash donation or time donation from people like you. Without your help, this wouldn’t have been possible. Without your help, we wouldn’t be in operation. Your donations keep our organization alive.
A few dollars can help fund a song. A car donation can help fund many songs. Please consider being a donor!

Hello John,
My name is Kim Davis, and my son Andrew is autistic.  He just graduated from Rock Creek School in Frederick MD this past Friday.
I wanted to say thank you for the song that you wrote especially for him, and also thanks to the singer on the song, Ernie Gold.   This is a wonderful thing you are doing.  I will tell you that this was a very emotional day and there were many tears in that room that night.  The kids in my son’s graduating class (all six of them) struggle on a daily basis, each with their own set of issues.  And yet they are happy and willing to put forth the effort it takes just to get through a single day.  Speaking for myself and my family, we have learned more from my son, then we ever could have hoped to learn, had he not blessed us all with his presence.  We all tend to take things for granted and something like this makes us realize how lucky each and every one of us are.  Our complaints about traffic, getting up for work, having to wait in line etc etc are just so minimal and really not so important.  Yet most of us find ourselves doing just that.  This can certainly be a wake up call for that.
The song you wrote for my son was exactly the kind of music he likes to listen to.  I was impressed that you took not only the information you were given about his interests and his family members etc, but also the style of music he likes.  WoW you are amazing.  You deserve so much more than this silly email, but it’s all I have to give you right now.  I want you to know how deeply appreciated you are.  I know that many of the children you write these songs for are in hospitals and some are dying.  That you give of yourself like this to these kids has made you a very special human being.  Do not know what your religious convictions are, am not always sure of my own, but I do know that you are a very special person and are blessed by God.  We are all blessed by God to have someone like you out there.  And yes this also goes to all those wonderful amazing people who work with you on this project of love.  Thank you so much to all of you.  And yes I do Thank God for people like you, out there in this sometimes ugly world we live in.  It’s so comforting and reassuring to know that you are out there.  It gives us back our sometimes failing faith in human kind.
Keep up the amazing work.
Kim Davis
Frederick, MD