Letter of the Day

Happy Monday!
We received yet another amazing letter from a song recipient. This absolutely illustrates the positive and palpable impact of the songs we do on these children’s lives. Your car donation and cash contributions have really made the difference. We’re so pleased to be able to share this with you today. Enjoy!


I am writing for two reasons. First, to express my appreciation for your organization. I have promoted you on Brianna’s caringbridge site, my Facebook page, my personal blog, and personally to every one of my friends, family members, and co-workers. What you guys are doing is absolutely phenomenal!

During the first week of July 2009, my granddaughter Brianna received her song from Songs Of Love. We love, love, love it! And, Brianna – who is now 4 years old – loves it too. Brianna is severely disabled (can’t sit, stand, crawl, walk, talk, etc). She has multiple diagnoses including brain cancer, severe CP, seizure disorder, hydrocephalus, blindness, gastronomy, and tracheomalacia. However, despite Brianna’s disabilities, we’ve always known that she DOES understand some things.

Brianna was hospitalized for one month in December 09 and January 10 when she got her trachestomy. There were several complications and a lot of pain for Brianna. During this extremely stressful time, when we often felt completely helpless, we played or sang Brianna’s Song to our sweet little girl. The nurses were amazed that almost every time we’d sing the song, if Brianna was distressed, agitated, or in pain, half-way through the song, her heart rate would regulate and she would visibly calm down.

More proof that Brianna loves her song (and somehow knows it’s HER song):

Several months ago, Brianna’s vision therapist introduced her to using a switch device. The hope is that one day she will be able to graduate from this to other communicative devices. As of now, she has learned to operate the switch on command to turn on a fan, a little music toy, and – most recently – an MP3 player that has her song on it along with other songs as well. She will switch through many of the songs but will always stop at Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, at BINGO the Dog, and at Brianna’s Song. Brianna’s Song from Songs of Love is most definitely her favorite!

My second reason for writing is to ask how I can obtain another copy of the CD. We have the song downloaded on my computer and in Brianna’s MP3 player, but the original CD was damaged (broken) by a very clumsy – but apologetic – therapist. I would be more than happy to pay for a second CD.

The information I have is that the song was for my granddaughter Brianna Moore-Harriman. Her “record number” is 19305.

Thank you again,
Julie Engel – Brianna’s custodial Grandma and her biggest fan