Introducing the Brand New Songs of Love USB 3.0 USB Drive!

Songs of Love is Happy to Introduce its Brand New 8GB Superfast USB 3.0 Drive!
Each drive comes pre-loaded with the song called “Songs of Love” that was written by the late Julio Beltzer.
This is the song that inspired the name for the Songs of Love Foundation. Julio was the fraternal twin brother of Songs of Love founder, John Beltzer. All the proceeds from the sale of the Songs of Love USB drive will help more children receive their very own “songs of love”. The USB drive is designed to look like the Songs of Love logo containing a 1/16 music note hugging a heart. You can purchase the Songs of Love drive for $24.
We chose $24 as a way to honor Julio who passed away at the age of 24. If you buy more than one, we will discount the price to $20 each. Thank you in advance for your purchase!

For parents who already have received their child’s song on CD, you can purchase the drive and we will pre-load it with your child’s “song of love”.
Just indicate your child’s first and last name so we can locate the song we have stored in our digital archives.